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Application Guides

1. Big Boar Battery Application Guide for Harley Davidsons.

There are two possible battery configurations displayed below. Note the battery terminals facing towards you.


Configuration Type

Type A

Type B

Compatability Guide

Road King

FL     FLH   FXR FX-Series FXST Dynas Sportster FLT FLHT Type
BB350 (6-7/8L x 6-1/6H x 3-5/16W)           '91 up '91 up '97 up '80 to '96* '80 to '96*
BB350-RP (6-7/8L x 6-1/16H x 3-5/16W)       '82 up '71 to '78 '84 to '90   '79 to '96    
BB312 (5-7/8L x 5-1/16H x 3-1/2W)                     A
BB314 (6L x 5 9/16H x 3 7/16W)                     B
BB314RP (6L x 5 9/16H x 3 7/16W)                     A
BB1000 (6-1/5L x6-3/4H x5W) '97 up '97 up '97 up           '97 up '97 up B

* Battery is slightly smaller than stock.

** Terminals extend above battery casing and may require cutting of the battery box cover for proper installation.



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